Fifi passed away in 2004 at the age of ten. She died of cancer.

She was very special. Actually she was a dwarf that became too big. So she became our first miniature. We ran shows but were everlasting 2nd.

Fifi was the clown in the house always in for something. She sure kept me busy.

Her hobbies were chasing cows, rolling in manure and coming home like this.

But what she loved most escaping and chasing all the chickens in the trees.

Food was her obsession!

She watched over the cradle of our children and taught them a lot of respect for animals.

We still daily speak of her. She always will have a special place in our hearts.

Fifi is the reason that we decided to go further in miniatures.

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  Nice - Reper des Supers- Supers   CH
Little Lasle du  Clan Dammartin
CH Curlginch Schampi
Honneymoon du Clan Dammartin
Hidole Des Supers-Supers Glayvar Gaffer
Gloria vit het  Donsjuweel
Qiuck des Supers- Supers   CH
Mylord des Supers-Supers
  Caispern  Cudalee  Dufdalee  at Shanandi
  Jiena des Supers-Supers
  Novadene Naughty but Nice   Tinkerdale Tobias at Novadene
  Novadene Little Miss Dinah-Mite