We have show and breed poodles as a hobby on a small scale but passionately.

They share our lives and homes, being part of the family.

Our dogs run freely through the house and garden with no restrictions.

They sleep on our beds, lie on the sofa, play with our kids and go with us on holidays.

At the moment we have

- Airy Arabeska La Gioconda -"Mona": white toy female  Breeder: Victoria Denisova (RU)

-Artmann Take Me To The Top -"Miss Poppy": black miniature female

Breeder: Sonja Artmann (DK)

-  CH.Warming Black Gigi: black miniature female, born September 02

  CH. Warming Black Killroy – “Obi”: black miniature male, born February 04,

      -   Nero e Bianco Guiseppe: black miniature male, born December 07.


We only breed when we want to keep a puppy ourselves.
Our utmost concern is to provide them the best possible life.

They stay with us till the end of their days. In 2004 our 1st miniature Ringstyle
des Supers Supers “Fifi”died at the age of ten, which was a tragedy for the
whole family. Fifi and our children grew up together.
 She taught them a lot of love and respect for animals.

On shows she was everlasting 2nd but a home she was our Nr 1.

She had a very special personality and she is the reason why we wanted
to continue in Miniatures.

In 99 we got Zaynah. She was our mascot and mammy’s white angel,
following her everywhere. She passed away beginning 2010.


Guy & Tineke




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