White dwarf female
May 10th 2000 - January 25th 2010
Breeder: Gurrieri Patrick



The time has come for you to take
a journey of your own,
And we must see through all our tears
that you have been called home.
Though sadness fills our heart today
and many days to come,
We know that you are now at rest
in the eternal love.
You were to us much more than
friend of any human kind,
The joy and happiness we shared
was more than most will find.
A special place within our heart
for you will always be,
A place of joy and love for you,
in sweet fond memory,
Perhaps that place within our heart
that is for you today,
Will one day grow to fill our heart
and take our grief away.

Niels, Mieke, Guy & Tineke, Gigi, Obi, Seppe, Poppy.

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